May 07, 2007


I was reminded today by a fellow blogger about a revelation I had when I decided to stay home with my first born instead of work. It goes along with my previous post about finding your lifes purpose, so I thought I would share my middle of the night insight.

My job as a medic in the army reserves and my degree in sports medicine has always given me a passion for 'fixing' people and making a difference in their lives. I remember none a greater feeling than being 17 and told Thank you...what you did for me really helped.

It was those kinds of experiences that led me to join the Navy as a medic Full time, to travel the world and make an impact on those my hands touched. I wanted to 'save the world' one hurting body after another.

However, as soon as I was married, had Lara and had to leave her for 4 months my understanding of 'impact' changed.

I realized at that point in my life that I could make a difference wherever I was. I don't have to be sailing around the world doing foreign missions to help people. I realized that raising my kids, being a good wife, daughter and friend were important, if not MORE important than world missions. I meet people every day in life and there is such a need right where I am. I can impact (for good or bad) anyone I run into. Neighbors, friends, clerks ect...and it is my attitude that could either make or break their day.

I no longer TRY to figure out what God has planned for me. I just go with it. I am working on being a Godly human being living for Him. That alone is hard enough without galavanting across the globe ;)
The way I see it is this.... God wants us to Glorify and Honor Him wherever we are, and if we are doing that than we are fufilling a purpose in life greater than anything. We are to BLOOM WHERE WE ARE PLANTED so to speak.

I think that is also why I am so content with the role God has given me. I've been able to embrace it. Don't get me wrong...most days I think I fall way short of the woman he wants and needs me to be. But I'm getting there. At least I can say I'm trying....and even if I'm uprooted and my seeds blow all over the place, I know my heart is in the right place.

I am determined to Bloom wherever I go....even if somedays my leaves are a little withered from lack of water and sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great post!

Cathy said...


No middle of the night posting? Could today be the perfect day to have your sweet baby boy?

Thinking of you!


Nancy said...

Great blog, stalwart and amazing girl!
I'm not sure if my yesterday's comment went through - oh well -

3cms - hmmm-m-m-m - we have to start somewhere!

I think you are blooming where you were planted and will continue to bloom in an ever more radiant and insightful fashion. Lotsa love -