May 05, 2007

Hanging in there

For those of you who are nothing yet. I've been having some contractions but maybe one every hour or so. I'm not too cranky or impatient yet. Just tired.

It is so hard waiting. Every contraction I am trying so hard not to get excited. My poor mother and baby sitter have been sleeping by the phone for over a week. I feel bad that they can't make plans in fear they will miss the birth. My mom wants to be there and needs the notice to drive the hour to get here, and my baby sitter will come right over to watch our other two.
Adam is great. I think looking at my belly now he is starting to feel sorry for me. The size of me is getting ridiculous to the point of scary and I'm up all night long. He is staying home from work Monday at least though as I have an ultrasound and a midwife appointment.
I think today I will unpack the camera from the hospital bag and take a pic for you. If I start to pull things out and make plans maybe that will push things along :)

On another exciting note...we take possession of our new home in a week and a half!! We picked out carpet for the living room yesterday and paint will soon follow. We also sorted out all that house insurance stuff and some other finances.

A BIG part of me still feels as though these two things are never going to happen. The baby and the house in the country that is. I have been pregnant since August and we bought the house in January!!!
We have spent so long waiting for these things that I think I am just used to well...waiting.

I promise that once these things happen I will talk about different things. Perhaps even spark some creative conversation. Right now however there really is not much else on my mind.

Oh by the way....there were more interesting movies on at 4am again last night. Adam was very nice too when the fire alarm woke him up when I made toast. Oops


Anonymous said...

Hurry up. I'm leaving for the West on Tuesday, I hope.


Nancy said...

It'll happen. . . I remember the 2 or 3 days before Kirk was born (remember he was my 3rd) - I was having contractions every hour, then slightly more frequently. I went to the hospital because I thought Kirk might come even more quickly than Jamie (just a couple of hours). They sent me home. It took a couple of days for the contractions to speed up. Maybe today is the day.

Love, Nancy