April 27, 2007

Country Bills

If you are wondering why I have not been posting any photos lately it is because I have packed everything for the hospital. Yup that elusive 'bag' full of stuff I probably won't even need is packed and under Peyton's crib.
I've had so much little stuff to think about and things to do that I just don't want to forget the details. My life has been consumed with things to cross off a list and lately the list is expanding with new home stuff. Making sure the camera is ready to go was crossed off a while ago so there is no way I am taking it back out.

Yesterday as you know I chose to sulk and did a great job of it if I do say so myself. I sulked in a long breathy sigh kinda way though and not a crabby one so my day just carried on well. I was so busy trying to cross things off my list that I fell asleep at 8pm exhausted. O.K so the fact that it was raining and my satelite was not working helped force me to go to bed but I am so grateful I did. My sulky sigh today is not as long :)

I spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to set up house insurance on our new home. Who knew that buying a century old home would cause sooooo many bills to go up!!! O.K so WE did...so stop saying I told you so. However I did not count on house insurance tripeling !!!Yes that is what I said. I don't care if the house burns down and we have to replace it with a modern equivalent...just don't charge me so much!! Stop nodding your head and saying I told you so Alyson because you won't make my day that way.

The great part is that when I told Adam he just smiled and said don't worry hunny,I know a guy. And of course being the country guy he is and connected to EVERYBODY, he DOES know the guy. So one quick phone call later and our bill was reduced by 600$ !! My husband....my hero. I do feel better thanks.

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