March 23, 2007 easy to miss

My new favorite show is of course Are you smarter than a fifth grader? I have to say the last two times I've watched it the contestant had no idea that North America was shared by two countries. Yes the USA is there and quite prominant. But there is another very tiny country just north of your border people. It is called CANADA. Really it is there I promise. I know it is small and easy to miss, but if you look really really hard at the map it is the little land mass that is seperating Alaska from the rest of the US. Now don't feel bad. I sometimes forget that I'm not the center of the universe as well. It's not your fault...just the society you are raised in.

To all my intelligent US friends it is not your fault either. I know you know we exist up here, so maybe you can tell five people today about us and those people can tell five more people....before we know it we may start something and the states won't look so ignorant on T.V.

Don't get me wrong here..... I am certainly NOT smarter than a fifth grader. I have yet to get all questions right myself, and sometimes wonder what I really did learn all those years in school? But that is not the point. I'm just doing my duty as a proud Canadian citizen here. Let's spread the word.


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