November 28, 2012

I made soap!

Look I made soap!! O.K so it is the most basic soap you can possibly make, and it doesn't look pretty by any means. But it is soap!! yay me.

All I have to say about making stuff from scratch is that it is super easy. No wonder business' make a killing selling us stuff we could really make ourselves.  As for this learning how to make stuff so we can be self sufficient stuff.... We still have to buy our basic supplies from SOMEWHERE! so SOMEONE out there has to make all the basics. So really. If  the world goes black I would be just as lost as everyone else.  Only my ability to start a fire with sticks, and make shelter would save me. That is of course counting on fresh water near by and a honey hive I can steal from.

So I am definitely not doing this to be self sufficient. I am doing this to make natural products out of the stuff we produce and will be producing from our farm. And it is sooo much fun! 
I hope none of you mind getting soap for Christmas because that is pretty much where all our money is going ;)

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