September 08, 2012

Peace,Love,Joy x 11

So what did we do to celebrate 11 years together? We took the token yearly head shot of course. I'm so glad I have a head shot of every year we have been married. It is fun to look back on how we have changed over the years.  My hair colour has changed A LOT.  My hair STYLE not so much. lol I do like that for the first time in a few years I actually LIKE my picture.  The last few years all I've seen are the wrinkles. This year I see contentment.

We then did what we love to do together when the children are not around.( no not THAT)... We just hung out together and enjoyed each others company ( It is AMAZING how much attention we can pour on each other without 4 little people constantly at our heels.)  I love that we are best friends. I love that we love to do the same things, and really like being together.  I really really love that right now we are on the same page as to where our life is headed.   We both want the same things and see a clear vision for the future. We are looking at it with excitement and joy. There is also a peace knowing that we are heading towards what we KNOW to be God's calling for our lives.

This was our field tonight. The same field we stood on 11 years ago. So much has changed including our hearts and souls. All for the better and together.

I am so looking forward to seeing where our lives are headed. To seeing what God has planned for us. We are up for the adventure and the challenge...and the peace that comes with living a simple life.

On that note... We were at the store tonight and I just about fell over with excitement when I found the perfect farm coveralls and steel toe boots. How weird is THAT!  Lol.

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