April 24, 2012

New Kids on the Block

There are some new kids on our block this week. Some welcome, and some not so welcome.
New baby chicks are ALWAYS welcome. These are my new layers. They will help supply you with amazing eggs in a few months. I love the cute little fuzz balls.  In a month 300 more fuzzy wuzzy's will make their way here. This year we are NOT keeping any of the roosters.

These new kids are NOT welcome.  I'm hoping that whatever created the pile in the picture above is the same creature that created the hole in the bottom picture. If not we have a little more than ONE problem under the coop.   I'm thinking it is the same creature that squeezed into my garage the other night and ripped apart the garbage.  And it BETTER NOT jump out at night when I'm closing the chicken coop.

On a good note...I've won the war with the Ants, and the cold seems to have tamed the lady bugs and fly's for the time being. On a not so good note, big black hairy spiders are now in season.

I just LOVE the country!!! lol

So what else have I been up to you ask?? I'm training for a Marathon in case you forgot. You can catch more of my chatter at my Other blog. While you are there feel free to sponsor me. I am running for a very good cause and I need YOUR help.  I have a month left to go and I'm not quite at 70% of my goal. 

That's it.

love me.

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