March 15, 2012

No March Break Madness

It's March break around here. It is our first 'real' March break since the kids joined the school system.  Our first week since Christmas that we are all together for such a long period.  It just so happened that Adam is off most of the week as well which is a very nice change. I love spring. No fuss.No stress. Just renewal.
I don't think we could have had a better week off. The snow is gone, the weather is warm and sunny, and we don't have anywhere we have to be.

This week bikes were ridden, sleep overs happened, horse riding lessons started, and movies were watched way past bedtimes.  Early seeds were planted, sap was boiled and a LOT of outdoor mud was tracked into my kitchen.   I even had a chance to just be present with the kids and enjoy a few laughs.

It has been great to be able to just hang out with the kids again. No lunches, no early bedtime, and no cranky kids at the end of the day.   No papers to fill out, no homework. Nothing we HAD to do except play and be together. I think the sunshine and amazing weather helped.
This week felt like a homeschooling week used to be around here. Minus the 2/3 hrs of schoolwork in the morning.  I've missed them. I've missed the TIME.  I've missed THEM.  We've been back on OUR schedule. Doing what we feel like doing. The girls even managed to create their own 'club', t-shirts and all. So fun. Math class? It happened during a great cribbage game. We all just seem calmer. Life seems to slow down a little more when we have time to be together. Frankly, life around here is just more enjoyable.

I have to admit that I thought about homeschooling again. There are so many reasons I loved it and did it for 4 years. Unfortunately there are also still reasons why they are in school, so I'm glad for another 4 months to decide. Besides, their school is great and they all have amazing teachers, and they are all enjoying it.   I'm having a hard time resisting planning for the next school year though. This is when all the planning begins for the year to come. The homeschooling conferences and book sales.  I miss all that.  For now however, I think I'll just enjoy the time I have with them this week.....and really...really look forward to the summer with them.

I think it is a good sign that I miss them. I think I am finally feeling refreshed and renewed with my kids. I am finally able to enjoy them again. Would I homeschool them again??  Yes I would. When the time is right I will know.

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