March 22, 2012

Country High

I'm flying country high today! I made my long list of stuff and have crossed off some important ones. One of those being a HUGE load of sand dumped onto the sandbox for the kiddos.  I also tackled my chicken coop today. After 10 loads of compost/manure, I am only half finished, but I'm optimistic that nasty job will be completed tomorrow morning.
I also managed to transplant and splice a couple of my perennials.  OH!! and only 2 chickens escaped today. Yes!! I'm winning!

I smelled really bad, and I hosed the children down and washed sand stuck in places I didn't know sand could get stuck, but we are happy country folk once again. And after a nice sudsy bath, we smell better as well.

I'm pretty sure that if one thing a day gets marked off my 'need to do NOW'  list I am a happy person.  Of course, watching my husband take time away from the cattle to dump a load of sand with a giant 'digger' always gets me excited ;)   I just love it when he does 'manly' things for me...I mean...for the kids....ahem.  I can't WAIT for the day he can farm full time.

I also feel GREAT after our amazing buttermilk pancake supper.  What was so great about pancakes you ask??


I made BUTTER successfully from FRESH grass fed Jersey milk.  The pancakes are made with the buttermilk left over from making the butter, the maple syrup is from the trees I tapped last week, and all the other ingredients come from within 100km radius.  The only thing more natural would have been if we used heritage buckwheat flour (naturally gluten free) ground from our own farm with my personal grain mill (maybe one day).

I can't tell you how excited I was to finally make my own butter. The next step is our own mozzarella cheese, yogurt and Kefir.  Seriously.  Once I master these things, I will be pressing for a family cow to munch away the grass on our side lawn.

So...yet again I'm proud to be country. I would erase yesterdays grumpy post, as that is just reality and I wouldn't give up the bad days for anything. Besides...the bad days force me to get up early and clean out a chicken coop so I don't have to look at it anymore.


dad said...

Life is good. You just can't beat the country. S0 happy you found it for yourself and the kids.
Proud of ya.
See you next week.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

You're wonderful and so is your life!