January 13, 2012

Winter on the Farm

Sooo.. The pictures from the previous post were taken two days ago. Notice the lack of snow and inclement weather?? lol   Yesterday  the freezing rain came and fell with a vengeance. In fact we were beginning to prepare for Ice Storm 2012.  For those of you that remember Ice Storm 1998 you will understand. For those of you that don't, google it.    Anyhoo, this morning was above zero and raining on TOP of the ice covering all the trees and ground. 

The kids were ready to head to school this morning in slushy pants and rubber boots when THIS happened..
In like 10 minutes. 
Snowflakes began falling the size of my face. O.K maybe not my face, but the size of my nose for sure, and I have a big nose.
      Notice the slushy mess still on the lawn?? I'm pretty sure yesterday you could skate on that.  Notice the chicken coop? I bet the chickens are pretty happy to be 'stuck' inside. They are spoiled I tell you.

I would not be surprised if we lost power today.  Look at my beautiful Hydrangea bush. The picture on the left is what it looked like all encrusted with ice and just as the snow began to fall.  The picture on the right is two hours later taken at the same angle. Notice how much lower than the tree in the background it is now? If that snaps I think I will cry.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. The temperature is AMAZING (tomorrow will be a different story when the temps hit in the sub teens).   I was missing the snow, and the fact that is flooded yesterday means two things:

1) Good skating for the outdoor pond
2) Tobogganing!
3) The start of our snow pile/hill at the end of our driveway.  Oops that's 3. Whatever.

I love winter. I don't love it when the temperatures hit the -20's, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE  a fluffy, sunny, wintery day.  It is just so pretty out, and as long as you plan to start your car earlier, and drive super slow, the country drive into town in amazing.

Besides...having a mild winter reminds me of all the spring 'to do' lists that happen around here. I am glad to be able to forget about them for at least another month.

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