December 19, 2011

School Projects and Other school stuff

This week completes our first semester in our year long school field trip ;)  Things have gone well for the most part. I've been disappointed with a few things, but also pleasantly surprised by others.  All in all, the kids school is a wonderful school...for a school.

What I am not adjusting to is this final week leading up to Christmas. You see as homeschoolers we can do what we like when we like. Normally we are finished school in early December. This gives us time to attend special activities, make cookies, and have the time for all the extra projects we started. And do it all at a nice calm HAPPY pace.

For some reason, my children's school board thinks it is a good idea to do school until the 23rd of December.  I'm bothered because we are finding it hard to do all the simple things like baking, and attending special events AND finish the school projects.

Kind of annoying. O.K REALLY annoying. I miss my babies this week. If they did not have to hand in the projects, and some other stuff I think I would pull them.  Hmmm...I think I'll pull them anyway on Thursday to go skating. Oh wait, they have an ENTIRE week after January to do that. You know, when all the Christmas fun stuff and special events are OVER. 

Anyway, that is what I get for joining the 'system'. 

So here is a picture of Lara's medieval project that we have been working on. We have yet to complete the dragon, but that will be for our own amusement.  I know what you are thinking.. 'OUR' project???? Have I become the mother I said I wouldn't be? The one that does the project for the kid???   No.  I promise you that she did just about everything. She now knows how to sew and use the sewing machine. But she is 9. I have to be there to help her cut some things and show her  how to do it. 

It was 'our thing', because I got to teach her and work with her a little more this past month and that is time I will treasure.  I'm not sure how she will see it though. I'm not the most patient person in the world and frankly not this was a wee bit like a thorn in my side BUT it is done, I THINK Lara is proud of it, and not too many tears were shed ;)

Now if we still home schooled this could have been done an hour a day in the afternoon during quiet time. Not after a long day of school and on the weekends when there is a TON of special Christmas stuff going on and other homework and activities.  I'm just sayin'. I guess I'm still a homeschooler at heart. Perhaps some day again.


suzin said...

I am always amazed at how unstandardized the curriculum for school is. Seamus has NEVER had a project to complete at home-NEVER. All projects are completed during school time. He has some regular homework that is on a set schedule, but that only began in grade 4. Up to this point, we have had no homework with the exception of some spelling and reading. Other friends from other schools are also working on projects they are working on with their kids and well, not me!!!

This last week of school for Seamus is the one he is most looking forward to as they are basically doing nothing but celebrating Christmas. They had their Christmas concert (yes, our public school still has a traditional christmas concert with a nativity and all that) and then basically they are skating, watching Christmas movies, making gingerbread houses (I am sure there is some math with angles and such being taught there...maybe??), they get longer recesses, and then a class party that he is so looking forward to.....

I would so share your annoyance if the week before Christmas I was having to finish up school stuff... we rebel and rarely do homework period anyway, let alone the week before Christmas... I am with you-you need time to actually just be with them and as we have been more intentional than ever in focusing on Jesus this Christmas....well hard to do in the midst of homework..

As an aside.....her project looks so so cute!!!!!

Jacs said...

I hear ya, Alyson! Now that I'm back in the office world, I really miss the extra time to celebrate the season and get ready for Christmas too. I'm not at all adjusted to this new rigid timeframe and am very much missing the daily after school time. This year is the first that we haven't done Christmas Crafts as presents because we simply don't have time. I really don't like it.

I am totally with you on hating the in school until the 23rd thing. Our board is doing that too. If they're going to keep the kids in school the week right before Christmas, it would be nice if they canceled the homework, projects and tests. I guess that if they did that, school could become a sort of glorified babysitting service for a week but seriously - there all sorts of great learning they could be absobing this week without stealing family time. Even if it's a multicultural school (which ours isn't) they could work in the other traditions, non-denominational crafts and outings, and other fun . GRrrr!

water runner said...

Beautiful project! Well done!

Andrea said...

that would annoy me too!
We are off Dec 16-Jan3 here