September 15, 2011

Time for Great Discoveries

Since I am on the subject of time this week, I thought I would share with you another reason I am glad to have some extra time during the day.

You see...I now have more time to do the basic picking up and organizing of things. I can now be a little more thorough instead of stuffing things in drawers and closets.

Like having more time to investigate funny smells coming from Lara and Erin's room......

Apparently I need to have a chat with the girls about stuffing things in drawers and closets.  I guess I have been leading by 

To answer your question ( because I know you are wondering)...

No it was not Audrey
Yes it smelled
Yes I bleached it for days
No I could not get the smell out
Yes I threw the drawer away
Yes the kid responsible got a 'What were you thinking??'
No I did not get a good explanation
Yes I am still saying things like 'Really?'

Yes I am glad I now have more time for discovery of such things ;)


Kaitlin @ Homemaker Design said...

lol, Oh my WORD - what were you thinking is right!?!? It crosses the line between making me laugh and scratch my head in disbelief at what kids are capable of! ;)

anita said...

eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww ☺

Val said...

And sirlointip steak!! Seriously?!

Kirsten said...

OM Goodness!!! That is just abt the grossest thing ever!!! And random!!!