July 12, 2011

Time well Spent

We had things to do today. My chickens need their fence mended so I can allow them out on the grass in their natural environment. We REALLY want to get it done.
However as it turns out, our little man woke up feeling needy and wanted Daddy. Although he could have come outside to watch his daddy work, he just needed to cuddle.
So here I sit taking a break while waiting for Audrey to wake up, and there is Adam watching Thomas the Train with Peyton.

My husband has a full time job, he farms part time, and we have a lot of stuff that always needs to get done.
But all of that is pointless if our family does not have our priority.  The fence can wait another hour. Frankly dinner can be late as well.  We are blessed that Adam works shift work and is home during the day more often than not. 

Today we have chosen the babies over our To-Do list of never ending chores.  Time Well spent and not wasted.

*** This post was originally made a month ago. Apparantly I forgot to press Post ;)

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Nicole said...

Good for you! I have never regretted the time spent cuddling my (now teenaged) kids when they were little. I do regret the many times I didn't because I had to do something else. In the grand scheme of things all of that stuff that I had to get done would have waited. Enjoy those cuddles while you can!