July 10, 2011

Our July so far

So far July around here has consisted of sun, pool, beach, sun, pool, a  little more beach time, and some more sun. 
I'm loving doing farm and house chores in the morning, eating lunch, putting my feet up while the babies nap, and then heading out to either the beach or my mom's pool.
This weather does not last very long here in Ontario so we might as well soak it up as long as we can before the chilly weather returns.
Besides...the beach is the PERFECT spot for a very very busy and curious toddler and her mommy.

The berries are also in season. We have a TON of wild Black cap raspberries growing on our property. I would make a pie or something but the kids spend most of their spare time  searching them out and eating them on me.

I'm liking country life once again today. I REALLY liking the fact that I can hang laundry, stain my deck, and feed chickens in my underwear and there are no neighbors to see me ;) 


Carey said...

Sounds like your Summer is going pretty well.
I would love to have the country life..not sure about the all the chickens, but I love the idea of not having neighbors knowing all your business.

Anita said...

Lookin' like a great summer my friend! Awesome!

B said...

I love that picture with all four kids making sand castles