July 26, 2011

'Fruits' of our labor

We are back from camp. The laundry pile is washed and put away, and I think we are actually caught up on our sleep again.  Summer has been HOT HOT HOT these past few weeks. So hot that weeding my garden other than at 4am was just not happening. Frankly getting up at 4am to weed it was not happening either. SO needless to say that I've allowed the weeds to take over. Just yesterday I looked at my garden with disdain and contempt trying to convince myself that I no longer care what grows.
Since it is raining today and I was outside chasing 106 baby meat chickens out of my flower beds and back into their pen (ahem), I thought I would bravely take a peek at what was, if anything growing in the garden.


zucchini, potatoes,onions, and carrots.
Very cool. I also have corn, tomatoes,butternut squash, basil and lettuce.

It is a great feeling to see the 'fruits' of our labor. The girls will be very excited when they see this! It actually gives me the incentive to find the energy to get out there to weed and prune. It is worth it.
We also have 3 new baby chicks incubated from our own eggs. My friend did it for us as a homeschool project and look what we have!  So much fun. We decided that we will be keeping some of the meat chickens and roosters this fall and try to incubate them in the spring. It would be cheaper AND more fun to hatch the chicks ourselves.  I really HAVE become a country farmer haven't I ?????  ;)

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