June 04, 2011

She is Perfect

 Happy 9th Birthday Lara!! My oldest. The artist. The athlete. The Brainiac. You are Perfect in every way just the way God made you.
She will be dancing to Pink's "perfect:" song at her dance recital next week. I could not think of a better song for her. I'm a proud mama and I'm pretty sure I will be the mom in the audience SOBBING while watching my beautiful baby girl on the stage.  I want her to know that she is perfect in every way, and that she is loved just the way she is.  Nine years have gone by so quickly as I'm sure will the next nine.  Being a mom is not easy but watching them grow and develop into the little people God created them to be is just amazing.
Although nine years ago I was not sure about this mothering thing...I'm certainly blessed to have been given the opportunity.


Kirsten said...

sniff, sniff. xo

Carey said...

Happy Birthday!!

AnnG said...

She is indeed a beautiful PERFECT girl!!