June 07, 2011


It's a natural and renewable plant. I got 4 boxes of this for 34$!!! from babyhalfoff.com.  You simply put 4-5 nuts in a bag and put it in with your laundry. NO FABRIC SOFTENER needed. I like this because it cuts down on cost even further and reduces chemicals used and produced in a factory.

I tried them on my first load of dirty laundry and hung the load on the clothesline to dry.  The clothes blew out soft and smelling great.

Oh!!! Oh! Oh!!  The BEST part is that you can soak the nuts in water and use it as an all purpose cleaner!!

I am very happy eco-friendly and cheap mama.


Dad said...

Are you sure your not just nuts. lol

Anita said...

Very cool! Love the nuts.