June 18, 2011

Farm Life

I've lost 9 Egg Laying Chickens this week. 2 yesterday, 1 the day before, and SIX this morning!  The first one was found in a tree, the second 2 were found in the outside cage of the coop AFTER I closed them in for the night.
Yesterday my husband patched the two smaller holes we thought the animal was entering, and I made sure I closed them all in last night.

This morning it was as if the horrible animal was mocking our efforts. Not only did it kill and eat one chicken entirely, it was like it  killed the other 5 for the sport of it.  It pushed right under the chicken wire that my husband had patched up yesterday.

So frustrating. I am almost convinced that it is a FISCHER. A nasty little weasel type animal that I'm pretty sure is living in our tree line.

Tonight we will completely shut the chickens in the coop with no chance of escape and set a very nasty trap.

We have to do what we have to do...

The joys of farming life.

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Carey said...

I hope you catch it!