February 15, 2011

Toboganning Country style

We had 2 feet of fluffy snow. Too deep and fluffy for tobogganing. Then yesterday it rained. It hard packed the snow but that makes it too sinky and sloppy. But last night the temperature dropped thus freezing all that sloppy snow, and TODAY the sun came out just melting the top layer and crusting it oh so nicely.

All that magical stuff created the perfect sledding day.

This is our hill. The picture below gives you an idea of the slope and magnitude of our fun.

Thank you Peyton for posing for the picture...I guess I'll get the sled later ;)

Something about this picture just seems wrong.

Do yo SEE how far Adam Erin and Audrey are?

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken just moments before the next one ;)

I'm just kidding. This last picture was after his sister rolled on top of him after she decided to take him down. I refer you to the third picture in this series to gauge the amount of caution and care she used. Lesson learned...When taking little brother down on GT racer don't stand like daddy did in picture number five.

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AnnG said...

Looked like ya'll had a great time till Peyton crashed. Hope his injuries heal quickly.