December 19, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

Remember This pond from November??

This is what happens when it rains for 2 days, drops down to -18C, warms up and snows that awesome fluffy snow.

We have a rink! I'm thinking (In my 100 000$ and unlimited time plan) that we somehow flood this corner of the lot a little more. I see Ducks and an awesome skating pond in our future.

Audrey was not sure what to make of the purple suit. I love that all four kids have worn this suit. I love that we have a chance to see another little one waddle around in it.
and I LOVE that it is 7am and 3 out 4 kids are outside playing in the snow. There is something about summer grass and fluffy snow that call children outside. Winter....a season of rest and peace and quiet for me in the morning ;)


Uncle B said...

I sure wish it would snow out here some more. It's tough to kick the kids out to the backyard when it has been raining all week. said...

We LOVE our rink in the winter. We don't have the good fortune to have a little pond, so making it takes tons of work flooding and cleaning and flooding and cleaning... but every morning before school and every afternoon after school and before bed, the children are on it... it also of course attracts all kinds of friends and neighbors, so other than the mess of providing hot chocolate to 20 people-it really is the best thing about winter.

Sara said...

So jealous that you have a ready-made rink! Dylan's been working really hard to create a rink in the backyard this year and it's almost ready to skate on. We can't wait!

anita said...

How different this picture would look if you had your little people all lined up prim and proper to catch the 7:30 school bus. Yay homeschooling.