November 05, 2010

A Train! A Train! Would you Could you...On a Train??

My Dad needed us to head over to his house to pick up his car, bring it back and store it for the winter. So thanks to him and Air Miles, we loaded up and headed out the door for an hour train ride North.

Adam and Audrey took us to the train station and this is the three littles waiting for the trains. Who knew a freight train could carry 117 cars? My kids, because they counted....and made sure EVERYONE in the train station knew.
Peyton tried to look at the camera but just....could...not...peel...his eyes off the train ;)

Me and the big kid. I love stealing my husbands cell phone. Texting really is a fun waste of time isn't it? Too bad I only know 3 people who also text :(

Lollipop and train back pack.....What more could this little dude have asked for today??

Great day. It was so much fun spending time with the older kids all day and never once have to chase or hold a little touchy grabby feely baby. Not on the train, not at the restaurant, not at my Dad's, not at the bookstore..........It was heaven ;) Who knew spending the day with 3 out of 4 would actually be a break!!!
Missed her though, and so glad to come home and nurse her to sleep.


Carey said...

Great photos! What an awesome experience for the kids. When i have 3 of my 4, it is a different experience. There usually is less fighting, and more listening. And yes, texting is a fun waste of time...but i do enjoy it sometimes.

Sara said...

What a fun adventure! Makes me want to take the train to Kingston just for fun! P.S. I text!