September 10, 2010

Fruits of our Labor

I was not sure how my garden would turn out this year. I definitely made some HUGE mistakes. Planting too close, not weeding enough, and planting the wrong things beside even more wrong things.

The corn and beans did not turn out. I've pulled the rest of my cucumber plants because I was sick of cucumbers. I also pulled a bunch of tomato plants because NONE of them were ripening due to lack of sunlight from too many leaves. I'm also currently watching my basil flower and lose its flavor because I have yet to make pesto or hang it to dry.

Today I went out to the garden to see what I could salvage and find out what it is I planted under a mystery bush.

This was what I found in my garden this afternoon. Not the eggs. Those were in the coop. The mystery plant? Turned out to be sweet potatoes. Sweet sweet Sweet Potatoes
Tonight I fed my children cream of vegetable soup with broth made from my chickens, additive free cream and local cheese. On the side were roasted potatoes and carrots with basil from the garden.

It was quite satisfying to feed my family vegetables I grew myself. I'm also happy to have a bunch of little hands to help me dig up potatoes ;)


Homemaker Design said...

Wow! That is so neat - how wonderful, all the fresh, home grown food - inspiring, makes me want to rush out and do some gardeing...but maybe not, seeing as it is ten to twelve...better go to bed! ;)

Carey said...

That is awesome. I would love to hear what you did that worked and didnt work for your garden this garden totally did not do cucumbers grew into round balls, my peppers only grew two, my watermelon, and pumpkins refused. Only luck i had was with a few tomatoes. And I would love to try potatoes.

Sara said...

Good for you - one year we had a bumper crop of unripened hundreds. I ended up making a ton of green tomato pickles...which is really very similar to relish. I'd be happy to pass along the recipe for next yr.