August 10, 2010

Alive and Busy

I'm alive and well I promise. I'm pretty sure this is the busiest I've been in over 3 years. All is well but my days are full. Full of kids,farm,visitors,chickens,fun. Right now my computer time is being taken up with homeschooling scheduling and planning. This really IS a part time job! My friend Bonnie put it perfectly. Not only are we the teacher's, we are also administrators. So true. This year I'm a changing our routine so I'm up to my armpits in researching new curriculum's and putting together ideas. I'm glad I started this a couple of weeks ago or by now I would have my hair pulled out.
So far so good and I'm almost done!

My chickens are also almost done and ready to go into my freezer ;) My egg layers are now laying as well and my garden is abundant with vegetables. All is well! I promise are more thorough update soon......

love me.

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