June 06, 2010

Tour of the Neighborhood and the Gangs that inhabit it

My husband finished the cow fencing! Yay for him. This is a project he has been trying to complete since the snow melted. The fence looks great and it is nice to see our cows from our kitchen window.

The funny thing is that his cousins dairy cattle are now out in their pasture and it is adjoining to ours.

Every day they all congregate at the fence for a moo-off. So funny. It's Dairy vs. Meat cattle. Neither herd knows what to make of the other.

They were running to the fence line so I decided to run out and take a picture. My own gang in tow of course. One without shoes and one in a dance outfit.

Robert the Steer and Henry the Llama could not care any less about the Dairy cattle. They were just happy to be munching new grass. Little does Henry know that we are going to try to catch him next weekend and sheer him. Enjoy the peace Henry.

Here are the cattle at the fence. It is seriously funny. At least I think so.

After crossing the road home I decided to take a picture of what I see. This is me standing on the road at our front lawn. This is how far our cattle are from us. That white building is his uncle Norman's garage. You may recognize this picture

Over two years ago, standing on this very spot I posted this.........

That was the barn up in flames. That's when we switched from Dairy to Meat.

Anyway, for fun I took some more pictures for a 360 view of where I was standing.

My house on the right, tomato's for sale at my mailbox, ditch in need of clearing. Whatever. There is only so much time in the day.

Turning to the right there is our east lawn, the chicken coops are under those cedar trees. The back shed has a bunch of junk in it that we have yet to bring to the dump. In front will be my vegetable garden as soon as we put the chain link fence up on Monday to keep the chickens out of it.

OH, and those are tiny bushes I stole from my in-laws and transplanted here. I am trying to line the property with flowering bushes and trees. In time they will grow as long as we stop running over them with the lawn mower.

Neighbors separated by a cedar tree fence and my transplanted lilac bushes.

Continuing to turn around to the right...

And across the road there are the cows again....hello

Turning to the right a little more....
And a little more to the right....This is the Dairy barn owned by his cousin. It used to belong to our house.

And back around to our house. Thrilling I know.

This is the view of our house from the driveway. I LOVE the maple trees. They offer the most amazing shade in the heat of the summer. Before the end of the summer we are going to plan some more trees so they can begin to grow. This way we will have some trees started in case any of these old ones become rotten or fall down. We already have one that appears to be hollow. So sad. It will be hard to cut it down but better than having it fall on the house or one of the children.

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Carey said...

Your house and view is beautiful! I would love to have that view. Enjoy it!

Meghan said...

I drive by your house every day twice a day to get to work! I always see the tomato sign and think to myself I should stop a get a few!