June 01, 2010

Boooooo Hisssssss

Some days my life feels like a WASTE!!!!! I stay home with my babies. I TRY to nurture them, teach them, love them. I cook, clean, wipe, wipe some more, fold, fold some more. Some days I just don't get the opportunity to shower. These are the days when my husband is sleeping so I'm trying to keep the house quiet and if I sneak off for 20minutes to wash myself ONE OF FOUR children WILL do the following:

1) scream and/or wake up my husband
2)leave the house
3) eat something that will make them choke or barf
4)RUIN something of MINE by stepping, colouring on or pushing over the item and/or by launching a tiny body of little person into it.

Needless to say that today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS where I questioned why God gave me children. I questioned why I choose to stay home and torture myself. Why some days I actually ENJOY this mess I'm in, because let's be real. MOST OF THE TIME I LOVE MY LIFE. So really. Then should I question my sanity? Because only a crazy person would love this life right??????????????????????????????????????????????????

That's it..Off to watch Glee now for some Happy Me Time.


desperatelyseekingsuzin said...

Glee will make it all better!!!! I actually mean that-there is no sarcasm there....

Daughter to THE King said...

I always say to myself, that there is always tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow will be better than today. Praying for an amazing day tomorrow and a shower (because I KNOW what those crazy schedules are).