April 16, 2010

31 New Egg Layers

Our 31 3 week old Egg layers are here! We ordered 30 but they always give extra in case one does not make the trip.
We wanted the ready to lay hens but they were not available until June and these ones will be laying by then! SO.... Here they are. They are a little shy as you can tell.

Oh hello little lady! Aren't you just a brave one...and cute too!

My husband did a FANTASTIC job at fixing up the old large coop. He nailed plywood along the walls over top of the ugly black plastic. This is a more permanent solution for the crack in the walls and will do great for the winter. It looks nicer too which is always a bonus. Birds need air flow but not a breeze.

See the inside door?? I think I've married a carpenter. I just LOVE how he can make me anything I need. Last year we had a problem with the meat chickens running out the door as soon as I opened it. So this year, we got smart and built this inner mesh door so we can close the outside door behind us when we come in...OR keep the outside door open for a nice breeze in the summer.
It also allows us to store the feed and extra equipment right in the coop.

This is the typical set up for little birdies. The temperature is still a bit chilly at night so we have a heat lamp nice and low to the ground for them to huddle under. Chickens are not as stupid as you think. If they are warm they will move to the edges. Of course right now they are petrified of me and so are all huddled in the corner....might have something to do with the tiny brown box they all came in...but I digress.

We have also become a little smarter this year and will be doing 2 things differently this year. 1) We will be raising the water feeders on blocks as they get bigger so they don't scratch poop and shavings into it, and 2) We will be putting their feed in long tubes and raised so they can eat at the same time and not climb on each other and sit in the feed.

Oh, and later we will be adding roosts and the nests. For now it will be easier to clean out and add new shavings if these things are not there. They are too small for them right now anyway.

And of course here are the token first day pictures ;)

I just LOVE this kid's face...and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING farming....and blue.

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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

when you do your roosts...make them hinged so that you can lift them up in doing so it will make it easier to clean out. had a friend do that and it worked out very nicely!