March 16, 2010

Holding On

The sun is shinning and it is BEAUTIFUL out. The magic of spring is here. The plants are pushing through the soil, nests are being built and we prepare for Easter. The death and Resurrection of Christ.

I feel as though I am in mourning for death. The passing of babyhood in this house. The loss of teeth. I know all of this means GROWTH. Renewal and with it Joy. However I can't help but mourn today. Mourn what isn't and will never be again. Kind of like the day He died on the cross. All seemed hopeless. He was DEAD. Little did they know that his DEATH meant LIFE. That in 3 days he would rise again and that WE would no longer be dead to SIN.

I'm hoping that just as He was resurrected, my emotions too will be. I will be able to move on and celebrate the abundance of LIFE that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. I will no longer see time as passing me by, but time as the opportunity to watch them grow. Time for MORE JOY. I will live WITH THEM, soak in every moment so as not to regret wasted moments.

In my own time I suppose. In HIS time, and WITH Him...and Thanks to Him....I will rejoice and hold them a little tighter ;)

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