February 13, 2010

Just BE

Sometimes I need to just sit back and breathe. Or in my case, lay in the sun porch and feel the sun on my face. Sometimes I need to take the time to enjoy what is around me and not think about what needs to be done five minutes from that moment.
When I do the world is brighter. My world is brighter. And sometimes I get a nap ;)


ValleyGirl said...

The days go smoother around here too, when the sun is shining!!

Great perspective, Alyson! I find, as a mom, it's so hard to take that "step back" to breathe and let go of the WORK part of life; just to enjoy and be thankful for the blessing of now. This post is a great reminder ~ and a pratical guide! Thank you.

AnnG said...

What a beautiful picture!!