February 17, 2010

40 Day Spring Soul Cleaning

I was explaining to Lara the meaning of Lent. How it is a period of 40days when some Christians give something up that they feel they 'love' in order to refocus on what is important. It is a time of searching ones heart and seeking the Lord's will in ones life, and to pray a little more. I reckon it to soul spring cleaning.

Her response was this :

You know what I REALLY love Mom? School. I think I'll give that up for 40 days.


On that note...I AM going to give up the computer for Lent. Checking my e-mail, facebook and blogs don't take a lot of my time, but I think they take more time than I think.

I do communicate A LOT with friends and family via e-mail and facebook. The computer sits in my living room and I leave it on all day to just 'check'.

I've found myself more than once saying to my kids...." Just a sec. I need to check this " Really? Do I NEED to check it? No I don't. I'm sure I can find more time to hang out with them.

When I have five minutes I no longer seem to do a puzzle with my son or colour with my girls. Instead I take that 5 minutes to check my mail. I think my time would be better spent with my little ones or to pick up my bible and pray..Something that seems to be put on the back burner most days.

We do devotions in the morning and pray at night, but 5 minutes here and there over the course of the day on facebook adds up to too big of a chunk I think.

I will still need to pay bills via on-line banking, do a little research here and there, write a couple of homeschooling e-mails, but that can all wait until I'm not 'on duty' with my kids.

So if you don't hear from me often in the next 40 days it is because I'm Spring Soul Cleaning. I've made an effort since January to embrace the weather and so far it is going quite well. I am happier and the postpartum fog seems to be lifting. However now it is time to dig deeper. I want to emerge in 40 days a little clearer...a little more renewed. A little more connected to my family and our home here in the country.

Till Then, Call me.


ValleyGirl said...

"Spring Soul Cleaning" ~ I love it. I probably need to do it the same way and turn this dang computer off. Sounds like you and I have similar issues with it! I admire your decision to give it up for a time. You will be blessed.

Cathy said...

Good for you! IF you travel to BC during this time, please send me an email OK!! :D

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Good on ya. Lent just snuck up on me!