January 27, 2010

Just Breathing

Some people wonder how I (we) do things. Well how I organize the day/week plays a MAJOR role in the level of sanity around here.

This idea is a Waldorf principle

During the week as well as the Day our lives have rhythm. Sort of like breathing. We breathe IN (reading,t.v,schoolwork,listening) breath OUT (talking,creating,baking,cleaning). I have found this rhythm works well for our home. I'll give you an example...

The kids are eating and listening to devotions (breath in)
The kids go outside for a play (breath out)
They sit at the table to school work (breath in)

I find that alternating between these types of activities keeps them focused and alive. It also allows them enough change to stave away boredom and to know what comes next in their day/week.

There is Rhythm to our week as well. It is this rhythm that allows me to get things done, appreciate my life and find a good BALANCE between activity and rest.

For example....
Sunday we Rest. I don't do ANY house chores, the kids get to do whatever activity they want, and we pretty much just chill. I even get to read a book if you can believe it.

Monday is chore day. We get our major cleaning done. I find resting on Sunday and enjoying our day helps me not to DREAD the coming Monday. Instead I appreciate the time off.

Establishing a breathing rhythm to our home school day helps the kids to know what to expect, keeps them motivated and refreshed and helps me to get everything done that needs getting done.

7am breakfast IN
730 play OUT
8 Devotions IN
8 get ready for the day OUT
9 school In
10 play OUT
11 school IN
12 lunch/play OUT

This is a VERY ROUGH idea of what I am talking about.

Anyway, this is an example of TODAY'S Homeschool breathing .....

Lara learned about writing a poem (IN)
Then she created a cool poem about kites (OUT)

Erin and Peyton listened to some stories on Tape (IN)
Then we told some fun stories to each other (OUT)


Erin said...

hmmmm.....i think i need to apply this to our days. i like this idea of time for in things and then time to act out.
this may just be what we need around here. THAnks!

Nancy said...

Didn't realize that the rhythm thing is what i've always strived for. . .

Love the pics - L.'s art is beautiful!