January 06, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Good Morning. I'm sitting here at 8:30am in my pink housecoat drinking too much coffee waiting for my girls to GET THEIR BUTTS DOWNSTAIRS!!!
I've told them SEVERAL times to get a move on but apparently today playing is more important than listening to mommy the FIRST time.

Don't sweat the small stuff though right? The thing is, they know they don't HAVE to be down and sitting at the table until 9am for school. Too bad they will miss breakfast though as the kitchen closed 5 minutes ago ;) I wonder if they were in school if I would let them miss the bus?? When they are older I probably would force them to get on their bikes and be late for class.

Oh well. The important part is that eventually they will get down to business. They will learn that when they are late mommy makes them stay even later to complete their days work. So much better than yelling and screaming. It is just not worth it. Besides, I have more time to check my e-mail and drink more coffee now ;)

We are on day three of getting back to our routine. Taking a month off was great but it is a little harder to do school again. That is why I won't be tooo hard on the girls for TAKING THEIR SWEET TIME GETTING DRESSED! ( breathe...breathe...)

So far it has gone well and yesterdays Theatre Class proved to me once again why I LOVE homeschooling. I love tailoring their learning just for them . I LOVE seeing my kids every day and having coffee with my homeschooling friends. I LOVE that there are fabulous teachers out there that are more than happy to put classes on during the day for the kids. I LOVE that I am no longer angry at the kids because I've vented here on the page and now I can lovingly go upstairs and gently remind them to come downstairs.

I LOVE not sweating the small stuff ;)


Anita said...

GREAT post! May calmness surrond your home(and mine)... no yelling that's my moto! You don't do it the first time... you spend a LONG time sitting on your bed! And I FOLLOW through... and the kids know it!

Happy Wednesday Alyson! Loved coffee too ;)

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