December 05, 2009

Date Night is Great Night

I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday. It started off at the Homeschoolers Holiday Party. There was crafts, food, a Cookie exchange and LOTS of chit chat. A great excuse to get together and be amongst like minded people.

Then it was date night. The LOVELY ladies at church volunteered to watch our children from 4-8pm so the young couples in the church could get out together and relax. It was SUCH a blessing as Adam and I have not been out sans kiddies for months. Well for longer than an hour anyway.

Driving to and from town takes too much time between feedings and so our time is limited. But because baby Audrey was at the church we were able to go for a RUN together, then feed her, THEN head out for dinner with some friends.


I guess great minds think alike...Look closely at what we are wearing ;)

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