November 09, 2009

When you are the Youngest

When you are the youngest of 4 children you better get used to the idea that your older siblings are going to take really good care of you. Almost as if you were like....a precious doll or favorite toy or something.

They are going to pick you up;

They will show you how wonderful soothers are...Like it or not;

They are going to take your for walks and show you around;

(Ummm me. This is not funny anymore)

And they will want to hold you and squeeze you and love you tight...really tight.

I LOVE Audrey's face here. It cracks me up!!!!
I shouldn't laugh. But I am and I still think it is funny.
Poor Poor Audrey...She has it so rough ;)


Andrea said...

so cute!
wow she sure looks like your other blondes ;)
that last pic is too funny hehe.
how is she doing?

Dad said...

First words out of her mouth are going to be HELP!!!

Erin said...

i love the smile on peyton's face in the last picture!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture. :)

Nancy said...

Such adorable pics!! Love 'em! Thank you - and Happy Birthday!

Anita said...

Yup ~ is there ever such a thing of 'too much love' :) :) :)

momofthecrazies said...

Your kids are so cute!!