November 03, 2009

6 week Perspective on Life

Audrey is six weeks old today. She is finally fitting into all her cute little outfits. I don't think I will ever tire of dressing her. It is the last time I will get to dress a little baby until my grand babies come...sigh. She is impressed...really....she is can't you tell ??

I'm also 6 weeks postpartum. I'm ready to start emerging from the cocoon I've created over the past few months. Time to strap her to me and rake some leaves or hand her off to my husband and head out for a run. Time to begin the next phase of my life. No more pregnancies. No more births. No more newborns in the house. I'm determined to soak up every last bit of her babyness. I'm determined to sit and just enjoy holding her and enjoy the fact that she demands so much of our attention. She will grow fast and I don't want to miss a thing. I'm determined to enjoy her but now I'm now looking forward to the joy that comes with being a family of 6. I'm looking forward to just enjoying my family. I'm looking forward to Joy again. I suppose for that to happen I'm going to have to start sleeping through the night.


Dad said...

She looks like she is ready to box.

I can see she has my nose.

Nancy said...

Aw - so cute! Adorable little outfit! I can tell she is impressed with dressing up. However - it won't be long until she really will like it. . .