September 13, 2009

Country Possibilities

The weather could not be any nicer this time of year. We are trying to get out and enjoy it as much as we can. I've learned this summer after having so much rain that we MUST take advantage of a beautiful day when it is offered to us.
Playing inside, board games, play doh, cleaning and baking can all be saved for rainy days and the long winter months.

We have new neighbors and they have children around my kids age. Yesterday they came over to play with the girls. We called the 3 cousins who are all around the same age and live across the street to also come over and meet them and play. It was GREAT. There will be 9 kids who live within 500 meters of each other now, and 11 if you count the twin boys the next farm over. YAY!!

My dream of sending the kids out to play all day Anne of Green Gables style just may come true. I have wanted the freedom to explore for my kids since the day we bought this house. Between all 11 kids they have hundreds of acres or forest and fields their parents/grandparents own. As a pack they can create any game, build forts and take care of each other. Perhaps even go camping as a group.
Growing up in the relative safety of the 1980's, I rode my bike EVERYWHERE, explored the suburban forest paths and played with all the neighborhood kids. We had more time to be kids. More time for innocence and simple PLAY. Today's world is different. It is scarier and children don't seem to have that freedom any more. The fact that it just may be a possibility for the kids makes me so happy.

I suppose it may never happen and they may not even like each other in the future, but today I'm optimistic of the possibility.

A mother can dream can't she??


Dad said...

I Love the country life. City kids miss out on so much. Some of my best memories of growing up was when I was living in farm land.
Happy for you and my grandchildren that you can experience that.

Anita said...

Your kids will love having all the neighbourhood kids to play with. I am happy for them :) And yes .. it has been WONDERFUL weather these last few weeks. I LOVE FALL!

Nancy said...

Well said.

And have I mentioned that there is nothing like growing up on a farm - best place to be a kid and do stuff with friends.

ValleyGirl said...

How exciting!! I can only imagine the games they'll think up and the exploring they'll do!! You perfectly describe how things were when I'd visit my cousins out in the country as a kid.

I wish we had more young kids living around us ~ we've got neighbours right across the road, but they're a semi-retired couple, and the rest are at least a mile away.