July 19, 2009

Back From Camp

I'm back from camp and REALLY tired. It was a GREAT week though. I was sports director and so most of my duties involved planning and not 'doing'. I rested as much as I could, but being 33 weeks pregnant kind of NEEDS a lot of rest anyway.
I am grateful for the weather, and happy to have my family back together again.
NOT happy that I now need to clean my house.

How on EARTH, did something that resembles a chick pea get lodged in the upstairs bathroom drain and START TO GROW A ROOT AND SHOOT!!!
No I'm not kidding. If I was gone another week I would have had an ACTUAL plant growing out of the bathroom sink!!!

That is just too much for a nesting pregnant lady to handle. Now the ENTIRE house needs an overhaul and deep cleaning. Sigh...but I'm so tired and huge! I don't WANNA spend the entire week cleaning. Unfortunately the anxiety of having a disaster of a home will continue until I get it done.

Maybe I should just concentrate on one a room at a time? Thoroughly scrub and clean it, then organized, paint and declutter it. Only problem is that some of these rooms need some SERIOUS painting and organizing and I don't have the energy or physical capability to do it.

Maybe if our contractors decided to show up this week they will finish the sunporch for me and I can just hide under the pillows on the day bed and sleep all the mess away.

Oh why oh why do we live in a hundred year old house that needs paint and fixing up?? Where oh Where is the magical cleaning and organizing Fairy??


Anonymous said...

Baby steps honey, baby steps.
The walls have been there for 100 years so the painting can wait. There not going anywhere.
Cleanup a little at a time. As long a the kids are clean and fed the rest will fall into place.
The big picture is always overwhelming.

Luv Dad

B said...

I could send Rose out for a couple weeks. You'll have your house cleaned and all your socks organized by colour!


Marie said...

I don't know, but if that fairy shows up you will be sure to send her to my house when she finishes, won't you??!! PLEASE?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet cheeks,
Glad you had a fab time at camp with Lara. Can't wait to see y'all next weekend. Would you prefer we come Friday morning and stay till Sat aft? or come Sat evening and leave Sunday? Up to you!