June 15, 2009

Visit to the ZOO

Went to the zoo yesterday. It was interesting. I would not say fun, because for me walking kms around a park, going oooooh, ahhhhhh look at the elephant standing there in between the fence line on display for us to look at...REALLY is not that fun.

Sure, it was fun for the kids to see a REAL elephant, giraffe and rhinoceros....But HONESTLY our video of PLANET EARTH does a MUCH better job at showing us these animals in their NATURAL habitat, and afterwards our feet don't hurt.

The BEST PART for the kids? The MOST MEMORABLE?? The ice cream and water splash park at the end. Seriously. I think it was MY FAVORITE as well.

This is my suggestion for ALL ZOOS.

Have GIANT PAVILIONS, all in one area. Kind of like a large museum. THEN....Trolley rides that take an hour or two, go really slow and allow you to get an up close and personal (and safe) view of all the animals roaming the grass and such.

MUCH better for the animals so they have more space to roam, and MUCH better for us adults who have to cart cranky children around who can't see the animals anyway because they are either sleeping, or happen to be just over the hill out of sight.

Oh..... and that Trolley ride should be INCLUDED in the price of admission.

But that is just me.

I actually think for my girls, they would LOVE a BOTANICAL garden. Hmmmm Montreal has one no? That would be better for them.
As for Peyton, he got REALLY excited about the Digger near the construction area of the Polar Bear exhibit. Go figure.

Oh....and the Canadian forest exhibit made me laugh...it was as though we were in our own backyard!!!!
Here are the only Pictures I took of our little adventure.


Carey said...

Cute pics. What zoo did you go to?

Country Wife said...

had same problem when we went to Zoo. my son wasn't interested in the things I thought he would be. but loved the water park, so that is where we spent our time. my daughter was only 5 months old, so she slept. One of the elephants at Metro zoo actually died recently. they say she lived a lot longer than if she was in the wild. but still, zoos are bittersweet.

Nancy said...

Nice. Yes and yes.
Thanks -

Anonymous said...

I concur completely with your thoughts on the day. I just had this conversation with a friend last week. In my opinion, the Zoo is so overrated in so many ways, especially with children under the age of 6. Tired, cranky, why are animals in cages, etc.. Good for you for braving it "for the kids!" I certainly would not have it in me and I am not even pregnant!! We have had so many incidences in which we have brought Mahone places because it was going to be sooo much fun, and it was simply horrid. I figure it will all be there in 5 years when we will all enjoy it more...and I am not cursing at the end of it..(You really need to see the home movies of the Museum of Civilization. I cannot even show the children since my language muttered while holding the camera is so highly inappropriate!!! lesson learned!!!)

The Kerr Family said...

You've basically described the African Lion Safari near Hamilton. All the animals just roam around in their habitats and you drive your car through or take the bus they provide. Then there's a trolley to see some other stuff. Finally there's a great splash park to cool off & have fun in. We went a couple of years ago and are thinking about going back this year (can cash in some Airmiles for tickets).

momofthecrazies said...

I remember taking the girls to the Toronto Zoo and hating every moment. It rained and I was pushing our double stroller up the many hills and the polar bears weren't there that day. But I LOVE the Calgary Zoo! Come for a visit and I'll take you!