June 12, 2009

I really AM SMART!!!!

Ever since I received my ipod shuffle....I don't know, 6 months now? I have wanted to download a particular song.

FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I could NOT REMEMBER the name of the group or the title of the song. No not the lyrics either. BUT, what I did have in my head was a beat, and the knowledge that I listened to it OVER, AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...... In grade 10/11!!! And that was like....ummm....oh my....16 years ago...REALLY??? Anyway. Moving on....

I figured it was stuffed in the back of my brain somewhere, and if I just stopped TRYING to remember the song than it would come out....eventually.

Well....Last night it did!!!

It took watching So You Think You Can Dance, listening to a sort of retro beat, and thinking of the band Jamiroquai.


Out from the Depths of my Brain came STEREO MC'S!!!!!!
A little itunes search later, and I was listening to the song CONNECTED!!!

YAY!! as SOON as I heard it the memories just came flooding back.

How amazing is our brain.

It was in there the entire time. Just tucked away deep inside lying dormant.

Hmmmm.....I wonder JUST WHAT ELSE I have laying deep inside my cortex.

See? I'm actually a genius....I just don't know how to access the information ;)


Nancy said...

chuckle - nice :)

steve said...


Erin said...

oops that was me not steve