May 08, 2009

I hate my cow, or steer, or whatever the Heck he is.

My romantic idea of having a cow wander my yard to eat my grass and to be raise for beef is coming to an end.
O.K it has past.

This stupid cow has caused me more trouble!!

Not only have I had to tie him up so he stopped running after the Llamas and forcing them to jump the fence, but he POOPS on, or destroys EVERYTHING!!!

I felt bad that he was on such a short chain, so I've slowly been attaching him to longer ropes.

All that dummy does is break into the chicken coop, wrap himself around a tree, or poop all over the rope. This morning I found him mooing at me through the gate (because he knocked it down, and he broke my cute hanging plant that was on the chicken coop!!

Sooooooo frustrating.

Down the road he is going with the other cows. He can fight with THEM there!!

And don't tell me to tie him up somewhere where he can't do all that, because there is NO WHERE I Can put him where he can't destroy SOMETHING!!!!

Have I mentioned that my Llamas only poop in one spot all the time, keeping the yard clean???

Oh how I like Llamas.


ValleyGirl said...

And apparently they can be eaten, too!

happygeek said...

So, it really won't be a problem when Robert is dinner eh? Not a lot of mourning on your end?

Nancy said...

Chuckle chuckle - sorry - but thank you for giving me a chuckle this morning! Ah Robert - maybe he was apologizing for being a doofus. . .

Cathy said...

Alyson! You need to email my your info!

Cathy xo