May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

One year ago today....

Today...on my little man's 2nd Birthday.

The day was filled with family, friends, tractors, Thomas trains, and lots and lots of Sun and Sand.

I'm all about simple birthdays. ESPECIALLY when the kids are little. Invite the immediate family and close friends, set up some balloons and reusable banners, make some fruit and sandwiches, and let the kids play!!

We (Adam) built Peyton a sand box. A nice big one under the shade of the old Maple trees on our yard.

So...some new sand toys and a couple of Thomas trains later....We had a few very tired, very sandy kids...and happy.

Easy Peasy.

This is me in the afternoon trying to rest my poor tired, sick pregnant feet. The loveliest view ever.....happy kids.

Now if only they would stop waking up at 5am, I would be a MUCH happier mom ;)


momofthecrazies said...

I can't believe your little boy is two. Time's flying far too quickly!

Nancy said...

Ver-r-r-ry nice.

Thank you. Love to all -

Erin said...

yikes 5am!!