May 30, 2009

Cocoon's of Pity. Sounds like a Novel

Day 4 of rain...a dying chicken...husband being called in for overtime...a sore sleep...too much coffee.

All this has created a cocoon of pity, and forced me to contemplate my existence here on this planet. Allowed me too much time to wonder who I am and why I do what I do.

Not the best place to be.

Hopefully a playdate and Starbucks will cure this.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder to myself if being a "good" mommy means I have no "I hate my life" moments all day long. I love your honesty. I'm glad you have those moments, and I hope you have them as often as I do, not because I want you to be miserable, but instead because I'm kinda hoping I'm not the only one.....K

Cathy said...

You are not the only one Alyson! I often feel the same way. More than once daily! Sometimes all day. From morning to night.


Nancy said...

You are awesome! Thank goodness you are on this planet!

Anita said...

Interesting post! I've been weaving my own 'coccon of pity!' Between potty training a soon to be 3 yr old child that just wants to pee and poops in his underware (and doesn't seem to mind the feeling)... dying a slow death with a sinus migraine.. and watching the rain come down... I feel like I'm hosting a pity CELEBRATION!!! Thanks goodness for today (Sat) sun is out - YEAAAAHHH!!! :) Hope you feel better soon! Let me know when you want to do the park again.. :)

Erin said...

playdate sounds great. i think that's what we need to do too. i wish there was a starbucks close :)

Country Wife said...

Matthew 11:28