April 16, 2009

Today's LOL

I had purchased an old bed frame at an auction last year. It has been sitting in my sun porch since then. Today we decided to put it up in Emma's room considering the sun porch is about to come tumbling down tonight.

All looked fine and dandy until we put the mattress and box spring on it.

Notice anything??

I can't begin to tell you how hard I laughed when I saw how high Emma has to climb to get on it!!! The picture does NOT really show you just how high she has to jump.
Oh ha ha ha ha hee heeh hee ho ho!! ah ha....ha
Anyway....it was my funny of the day. Thought I would share.


Cathy said...

OK, here is what you do. Have your handy husband cut a piece of plywood, or make slats to go across and take away the box spring. Or, get a stool.

We have old frames like that, and that was our remedy!

Beautiful bed! I love those old frames.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, how funny!


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Video tape it! When my parents got me my first big-girl bed, they taped me jumping to get on. It remains a family classic =P

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Joel has a step stool next to his bed for the same reason... ;)