April 23, 2009

This Week In Pictures

We've had an interesting week so far filled with some fun, and some not so fun adventures.

I've reached the half way mark in my pregnancy. Fun.

We rescued two Llama's, and received another yesterday that we are boarding for a month. Fun

We Chased a Llama down the road and into fields for over a km and dragged her ass back to the yard. Not Fun.

I had another visit from my Dad and we put up a tire swing that looks like a horse. Fun.
We laughed a lot and the girls dressed Peyton up. Fun for us. Not fun for my husband ;)
Our life is never....ever Dull. Different yes. Dull No.


happygeek said...

Love the jewels Peyton. Poor boy with three sisters he can expect a lot more of this over the years!

Nancy said...

Love the shirt! Hmm-m-m-m - looks familiar - aww-w-w-w-w. . . .

momofthecrazies said...

What good is a little brother for if you can't dress him up as a girl?