April 18, 2009

Fun Things

I returned from my homeschooling conference today to this......

2 Llama's.
2 Old Llama's that needed a rescue home.
2 Llama's that are so scared of a baby Calf named Robert that one had to jump the fence,run down the road and be rounded up by my husband and his uncle.
So now she is tied up to a tree until she gets used to her surroundings.

Apparently we are now a Llama rescue center.
and Apparently Emma is the Llama whisperer.


Nancy said...

Oh my goodness!! You are amazing! Is my brother shaking his head in wonder? I wish my dad could see this!!

So good of you to rescue these girls. Can't wait to find out what you name them. . . .

Carey said...

I didnt know llamas could jump a fence.
Good luck with them