April 12, 2009

Down Goes the Sunporch

Our sunporch project in underway. The demo has been delayed due to inclimate weather. I guess my 'hired' help has issues with doing stuff in the rain/cold/snow.

I know..boo hoo right? Well I suppose I should be grateful that he is saving us money by doing it himself. This allows me to afford more expensive furniture ;) so I shouldn't complain.

Besides..I kind of like watching him tear it down. The whole manly thing. A reminder of why living in the country is good for our marriage. :)

So...say goodbye to the old. Hopefully by the end of May my new sunporch will be up and serving tea.


ValleyGirl said...

I can hardly wait to see pictures!!!

momofthecrazies said...

I'm excited to see how it all progresses!

Anonymous said...

Who is that hot guy you have working for you?? YUUUUMMMYYYYYY