April 03, 2009

April's Fools on Me

O.K....So my April's fools joke was on Emma (19year old student that lives with us).

I set ALL the clocks ahead an hour, car included, so she would be an hour early for school.

You see..this is funny because this is a girl who gets up 10 minutes before her class starts. Funny, because if her alarm didn't go off she would seriously sleep till 1pm. So for her to be an hour early is just PAINFUL for her ;)

So....I managed to wake her up a 'half hour before her class started'....BUT

She did not get her butt out of bed and did not leave the house until 'after her class started'.

So.... she decided that she did not feel like walking into class late, and went shopping instead.

Then came home!!!


If she had of just gone to class a little late she would have realized she was EARLY!!

The really funny part of all this is that SHE IS USUALLY ALWAYS LATE!!! So what, THIS ONE DAY she decided not to be???


I guess next year I'll have to set the clocks ahead 2 hours to make sure she is not 'late'.


Katy said...

Oh no! LOL that would have been so funny if it had worked out! What did she say when she figured it out?? LOL

Nancy said...

Hee hee - good one!