March 12, 2009


I'm still here at the house finishing our Dining room. Well...finishing the painting and added a couple of touches, but it won't be complete for a while. I want to take my time and find stuff that I LOVE to put it together. Like the perfect curtains or tablecloth. I don't want to rush.

Don't worry. As soon as it is SOMEWHAT put back together I'll at least show you the colour. Yesterday I was not so keen on it. Today, with the second coat on it I LOVE IT!! phew!!!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a lady's blog that INSPIRES me EVERYDAY. Well...most days. On the days when I'm feeling grumpy and inadequate I find I just can't check out her site as I am reminded just how far I am from her. BUT....most of the time her site gives me ideas, and gives me a lifestyle to look up mentor after.

Actually I have a few bloggy friends that inspire me for different reasons, but today I'll focus on Amanda's.

Her name is Amanda Soule and her site is SOULE MAMA.

She lives a simple, beautiful life. She makes all her family's clothes, they use natural materials in as much of their lives as they can, she homeschools, she takes great pictures, ....and her HOUSE....OH THE PICTURES OF HER HOUSE. I want HER HOUSE. Well no. I like MY HOUSE....I just get inspired by pretty much EVERYTHING IN her house.

So check her out. Perhaps she will inspire you as well. Oh....and she has a book out. I bought it. It is lovely.


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, I just checked out her blog and spent over an hour on it, mesmerized. I am SO inspired. I just texted my friend and told her she had to come teach me to knit, asap. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love her too.. I am like you though.. sometime I just can't bear to look..I am in love with her home, her ideas, he seemingly wonderful existance..

She is a featured blogger this month in the Mothering magazine. They have a feature on a couple of different bloggers.

Definitely inspiring for sure..


Anonymous said...

Hey Al,
I second your choice to back away a little from the Internet and get back to your own life. I had to do the same after E was born, and I believe that those freakin' baby sites were a HUGE HUGE HUUUUUUGE contributor in my PPD. I spent so much time looking for answers in the "ether" that is the Internet, that I stopped looking inside myself. Good for you. Your life rocks and you're a wonderful person. Good thing you're taking the time to remember all that. xoxoxoxoxox