March 29, 2009

How to make Maple Syrop in our house ;)

We tapped our trees and let the sap run. We had two full buckets of sap and so decided to see if we could boil it down into syrup.

Now apparently the ratio is something like 40 Buckets of Sap for 1 Bucket of syrup, so if we get a couple of drops of syrup we will have success.

So first we collected the sap (all 2 buckets) into a bigger pot.

Then...We started a little fire outside. Since we have to boil off all the water apparently the steam is so great that boiling it inside is well...silly.

Then We sit for 8 HOURS outside, constantly trying to keep the fire hot enough to boil the syrup.

We watch the sun go down, get cold and call it a night.

In the morning we bring the pot inside and boil the sap off the stove and let the kitchen fog up.

......and then realize after you are finished that you cannot allow the syrup to reach a certain temperature or it all turns to sugar and you make ROCK HARD CANDY.

Oh well.


Cathy said...

Does it still taste good?!

Oh, and by the way that photo is just AMAZING!! (the bottom one!!)

What an ordeal, but I guess you learn for next year! I am sure it will be mmmm good.

Erin said...

great pics alyson!
i wish we had some trees to tap here :)
sorry to hear about adam

Nancy said...

Beautiful sunset pic.

Congrats on making maple sugar!

ValleyGirl said...

Aw, nuts. How awful to have to eat all that maple sugar candy....

I dunno, I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you!