February 22, 2009

Sunday Farm Pics.

My father is law built a smaller pen for the calves. It has a little opening for the calves to get in and eat their grain and hay without being bothered by the older ladies. Apparently Henry my Llama has figured out that he too can fit through the gate. He spends most of his time here now. I think he finds it peaceful.

Only male with a bunch of females...I get that. I guess he has just sprawls out on the hay. John thought he was dead he was so relaxed.

Does not make much of a petting zoo animal though. He kept walking away from me. I think soon I will bring him to this house. He'll just have to learn to love me.

Here is a pic of Robert with his new collar. Doesn't he look handsome? Yes I'm still going to eat him.

He is a hungry little fella. Fatten up little boy....(insert evil laugh here).


Mrs Parks said...

I want a Robert!

Carey said...

The llama looks so big, and the calf is getting there too.

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, you ARE evil! He does look juicy, though.

I'm afraid I'd just get too dang attached, no matter how much I told myself they were for food, if we had just one or two beefs grazing around our yard. I guess the only solution is getting more than I can name! (In other words, it's not going to happen anytime soon!!)

Nancy said...

Aww - cute pics!