February 11, 2009

Random Things

On Facebook everyone seems to be doing 25 Things about me lists....So I thought I would post mine here....

1) For some reason I rarely close a lid properly. This includes fridge/ cupboard stuff. It drives my husband CRAZY.

2) When I married my husband I told him I would Never Ever move to the farm.

3) I learned to never ever say Never.

4) Leaving my daughter for 3 months when she was a baby was the worst and best thing that ever happened to me. It changed the course of my life.

5) I became a Born Again Christian Easter Sunday 2001.

6) I have a tattoo of the Molson Canadian Maple leaf on my body.

7) Having a tumor on my spinal cord while 6 months pregnant and being paralyzed for weeks was the second worst and best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me to focus my life on the important things.

8) I went to University because my brother told me it was better than College. I have always valued my brother's opinion over anyone else's.

9) I hated every second of University. I quit twice but finished because my brother told me to just get it over with.

10) Grade 7 was by far the WORST year of my life. It also changed me forever.

11) I have been part of a Long term Study called the Ottawa Language Study since I was 5. They test us every 7 years. This year we do it again.

12)I get SEVERE anxiety when asked to bring something for a dinner party.

13) When I was little YMCA swimming instructors used to come to our house and teach community lessons.

14) I would love to be a professional Runner.

15)I have ugly skin....I don't think I'll ever embrace that part of me.

16)I spent my youth trying to be one of the boys, trying to fit in. Now that I'm older I LOVE being a girly girl. I love having a strong husband to do all the hard labor for me, and I LOVE the fact that I can do it if I want....in a skirt....but why? I have nothing to prove and man being a girl is fun. Besides.....I'm not a Boy.

17) I NEED to run for my sanity. I am not a good mom/wife/person when I don't exercise.

18) I have more girlfriends now than I ever did. I wish I realized earlier how important they are. I let too many of my girlfriends down in high school and I regret that.

19) My husband has much better fashion sense than I do and I'll let him pick out my outfit any day.

20) I have really really bad days...and I have really really good days. I never know which one I'll get until I wake up.

21) I have learned that I have faults but that does not make me a bad person, and improving myself is a good thing. I spent half my life feeling I was not good enough. Now I know I'm as good as I allow myself to be and feel.

22)I looked in the mirror when I was 23 and realized how many years I spent hating myself and vowed not to waste the rest of my life. I look back now and it makes me sad that I never knew how much I had to offer.

23) Some days I don't want to get out of bed. But I do and I'm always better off for it.

24) My children know not to ask too many things of me before 7am. O.K they know not to ever ever come into my room before 7am unless they or the house are on fire.

25) I could spend the rest of my life in my husbands arms. Literally.


Carey said...

You have a great list. A lot more in depth and in touch with yourself than most of the list i have read..including my own.
# 25..I feel the same way about my hubby,#2..I always wanted to live on a farm, and probably never will.
Thanks for sharing your list, mine is on facebook as well(its a great idea to post it on your blog).

B said...

I think the lid thing must be a female trait... Andrea does the same crazy thing!

B said...

By the way.... I've learned that college is better than University if you're looking for value for your money

momofthecrazies said...

I think you forgot to mention where your tattoo is located. (Inquiring minds want to know!)

Alyson said...

oh ha ha....not telling where the tattoo is.